Sea Bass Pike Zander Patchinko Style 125mm 17.8g Surface Lure Green Spurt Hole

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Sea Bass Pike Zander Patchinko Style 125mm 17.8g Surface Lure Green Spurt Hole


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This is one of my new MUST!!! Have lures

Please Note: the photo showing the yellow/lime with the spurt hole is to show you where it is on ALL!! These models.

This comes retailed pack in really secure packaging and is Branded

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There are a lot of people selling similar on here and if you bother to look closely you will see that most of them are just selling junk, our
surface lures are quality!! (and outstanding value for the money)  it also has the weighted back giving a streamline cast, and enabling 
the lure to sit upright and is balance at rest, a small twitch and your walking the dog….The eyes are not snake eyes but proper fish eyes…
This Lure has a spurt hole!!! This works really well for us and as you all know, I only sell what I use.

I often take my boat out and use these in the really shallow waters of the banks (like 6″ of water) there great as they only make a small disturbance and
they don’t stick in the mud. Other times when I like to use these lures is when I’m drifting into a few Billy’s with the engine off, because they don’t spook 

the bass as much as other lures do…..

I use to buy the original Patchinko’s, but I don’t now I’ve found these, as these are just as good, at a fraction of the money, at this price you
can afford to buy a few different colours, but when your paying £23 + a chuck it starts to hurt the pocket.

Please Note:
I’m finding it really hard to take a detailed photo, and project the correct colour, in the photos these lures looked scratched etc, this is because I’ve taken photos of my used lures because these are so well packed when new, there a nightmare to get back in the packaging because it’s so good.
We also have them in the 110mm, 12.6g Here

Brand: Rhino-Russ
Lure Type: Plastic ABS surface Lure
Lure Weight: 17.8g piece
Lure Length: 125mm
Available in: 6 different colours to suit all fishing conditions, we also have these in 110mm 12.6g Here
Good swimming action walk the dog easily provoke predator fish to bite.

Species: These lures will catch Pike, Perch, Trout, Zander, Chub, Bass, Pollock, whiting, the list is endless……. 
Suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing, wonderful lures for anglers.

10 in stock

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