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3 x Bombarda Surface Fishing Floats Distance Top in-line 3 Sizes

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3 x Bombarda Surface Fishing Floats Distance Top in-line 3 Sizes


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⭐ 3 x Bombarda Carp Surface Controller Floats Distance Top Floater Fishing 3 Sizes ⭐ 

When you purchase from this listing, you will receive 3 x Bombarda in-line floats small, medium and large. This will enable you to have the range of float to suit bait/lure weight depending on the conditions of the day. They are made for precision casting enabling you to place your bait or lure exactly where you wish it to be, in turn you can use still use small baits/lures and and place in winds etc. Ideal for carp, mullet sea trout and even bass if you wish to fish that light for them.Included in this set is the following:

5g float
8g float
10g float

If you require larger bombarda floats please use this link, where there is a full range of floating, slow sinking and sinking floats Various Bombarda floats 

In summary, the Bombarda float is a versatile tool that can enhance your fishing experience by allowing you to present baits or flies effectively at various depths and distances. Whether you’re float fishing, fly fishing, or using spinning gear, incorporating a Bombarda into your setup can open up new fishing opportunities and techniques.

Tips for Success for your 3 x Bombarda In-line floats:

  • Adjust Weight and Depth: Experiment with different weights and leader lengths to find the optimal setup for your target species and fishing conditions.
  • Match the Hatch: Choose lure colors or bait that matches the natural prey in the water body you’re fishing.
  • Practice Casting: Practice casting with the Bombarda to improve accuracy and control.

Where to Use:

  • Stillwaters: Ideal for fishing on lakes and ponds where distance casting may be necessary to reach feeding fish.
  • Slow-Moving Rivers: Effective in slow-flowing rivers and streams where precision casting and presentation are crucial.
  • Shore Fishing: Useful for shore-based anglers targeting fish beyond casting range.



73 in stock

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