Micro Jig And Spinning Lure Mirror Mackerel 60g

Micro Jig And Spinning Lure Mirror Mackerel 60g


Spinning / jig lure, perfect for mackerel and bass fishing. Simply arrange hooks as you wish to fish. If you’re spinning you can remove the assist hook, or jigging remove the treble. The Mirror Mackerel is very popular and widely used from the boat, beach and shore.


Fishing Jigs Techniques:

  1. Retrieving: The micro jig lure is typically retrieved with a steady and consistent motion. This can simulate a wounded fish struggling to swim, which triggers predatory instincts in fish.
  2. Jigging: Alternately, you can use a jigging technique by imparting a series of twitches and pauses during the retrieve. This can entice hesitant fish and provoke strikes.
  3. Variations in Speed: Experiment with different retrieval speeds to determine what triggers the most strikes. Sometimes a faster or slower retrieve can make a significant difference in attracting fish.

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Colour: Mirror Mackerel
Weight: 60g
Length: 7cm
Hook type: Treble and assist

Tips for Success:

  • Match the Hatch: Choose a lure color and size that closely matches the prevalent baitfish species in the area.
  • Use Fluorocarbon Leader: A fluorocarbon leader can make your presentation more stealthy and less visible to fish.
  • Experiment with Depths: Vary your retrieval depth to locate where the fish are holding on a given day.

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