Micro Jig And Spinning Lure 20g Mirror Mackerel

Micro Jig And Spinning Lure 20g Mirror Mackerel


Spinning / jig lure, perfect for mackerel and bass fishing. Simply arrange hooks as you wish to fish.


Colour: Mirror Mackerel
Weight: 20g
Length: 7cm
Hook type: Treble and assist

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Fishing Techniques:

  1. Casting and Retrieving: To fish with a casting jig, simply cast it out into the desired area and let it sink to the desired depth. Retrieve the jig with a series of hops, twitches, or steady retrieves to mimic the movement of prey or attract predatory fish.
  2. Jigging: Another effective technique is vertical jigging, where you drop the jig straight down and then lift and lower the rod tip to impart an erratic motion. This can be effective for targeting fish holding near the bottom or in deeper water.
  3. Swimming Retrieve: Some casting jigs, particularly those with swimbait heads, can be retrieved steadily to mimic the swimming action of baitfish. This technique is effective for covering water and enticing fish that are actively feeding.

Where to Use:

  • Structure: Casting jigs excel when fished around structure such as rocks, submerged logs, docks, and weed beds where fish like bass, walleye, and pike often hide and ambush prey.
  • Drop-offs: Effective for fishing along drop-offs and ledges where predatory fish wait to attack baitfish moving between shallow and deep water.
  • Saltwater: Casting jigs are popular for saltwater fishing and can be used to target species like striped bass, bluefish, redfish, snook, and more along coastal areas and estuaries.

Tips for Success:

  • Match the Hatch: Choose a jig color and size that closely matches the predominant forage in the area.
  • Experiment with Retrieve: Vary your retrieval speed and cadence to determine what triggers fish to strike.

In summary, casting jigs are effective and versatile lures for anglers targeting a wide range of fish species. By mastering different retrieval techniques and experimenting with colors and sizes, you can maximise your success.

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