Hologram Slow Metal jig Jigging Lure 100g SPJ Hologram

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Hologram Slow Metal jig Jigging Lure 100g SPJ Hologram


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100g SPJ Hologram Slow Metal jig. Very bright and and has a luminous back. This jig is fitted with our  twin assist hooks.

SPJ typically refers to a type of fishing lure or jig used in slow-pitch jigging, a technique used in deep-sea fishing. This technique involves using specialized jigs that are designed to flutter and move enticingly when dropped through the water column. The name “Cotton Candy” refers to the colour combination of the jig.

Here’s how you can understand and use these jigs effectively:

  1. Understanding Slow Pitch Jigging: Slow pitch jigging is a method where the jig is dropped to the bottom or desired depth and then worked back up slowly, mimicking injured or struggling baitfish. The jigging action is slower and more deliberate compared to traditional jigging techniques.
  2. Choosing the Right Jig: Look for jigs designed specifically for slow pitch jigging. These jigs are typically longer and slimmer compared to conventional jigs, allowing for the desired fluttering action. The “Cotton Candy 160g jig” colour pattern features multitude of  hues, which can be effective in attracting certain fish species.
  3. Technique: When using slow pitch jigs like “cotton candy,” drop the jig down to the desired depth, then lift the rod tip slowly to impart action to the jig. Let the jig flutter on the way down and pause periodically during the retrieve. The key is to keep the action slow and enticing.

Target Species: Slow pitch jigging can be effective for a variety of saltwater species, including Bass, Wrasse Cod, Ling, and more. Match your jig size and weight to the target species and the depth of water you are fishing.

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Brand: Rhino-Russ
Type: Zinc 100g Hologram Slow Metal jig
Lure Weight: 100g piece
Colour: Hologram Slow Metal jig in silver and pink
Hooks: 2/0 double assist
Lure Length: 80mm
Available in:  different colours and 2 sizes 100g and 150g to suit all fishing conditions in other listings

6 in stock

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