Patchinko Style 100mm 9.5g Surface Lure Pink Lady

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Patchinko Style 100mm 9.5g Surface Lure Pink Lady


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Pink Lady:

This Patchinko style lure has incredible action, and very easy to work. At 100mm this is the baby of the lure, this is also  available in 140mm 26g. There are a lot of people selling similar, if you bother to look closely you will see that most of them are just selling junk, our surface lures are quality!! (and outstanding value for the money). This particular lure, you can see the quality through the transparent body. The eyes are not snake eyes but proper fish eyes…

It has the through wire going through the inside of it from front to back, (the cheap ones don’t) it also has the weighted back giving a streamline cast, and enabling the lure sits upright and is balance at rest, a small twitch and your walking the dog…..

Patchinko Style Surface lure
Name: Pink Lady
Length 100mm
Weight 9.6g
Colour: Pink

Where to use:

Shallow Water: Lures are effective in shallow water areas where predatory fish hunt for baitfish.

  • Weedy Areas: They can be worked effectively around weed beds and submerged vegetation
  •  where fish often hide and ambush prey.
  • Rocky Structures: Targeting rocky points, drop-offs, and other underwater structures can yield good results with these surface lures.

Tips for Success:.

  • Match the Hatch: Choose a lure color and size that closely matches the prevalent baitfish species in the area.
  • Use Fluorocarbon Leader: A fluorocarbon leader can make your presentation more stealthy and less visible to fish.

20 in stock

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