Casting Jig, Metal Slow Jigging Lure 40g SPJ

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Casting Jig, Metal Slow Jigging Lure 40g SPJ


These lures are quality!! (and outstanding value for the money)

The photo’s speak for themselves…. As you can see, this casting Jig is 40g but we also have it in 60g and 100g.

At 40g this Jig can be cast from the beach and used with a lifting action of the rod. It can be used as a spinner OR you can use it from a Kayak or boat as slow or fast pitch jig. It’s a very versatile lure. We had quality assist hooks added which knots are resin sealed. it’s has 3D eyes, a 7 layer laser coat finish and a solid ring.

The quality of these are on par with all the big names like Major Craft, Sidewinder and Koma to name a few.

Solid ring and not just a split ring, if you tie to a split ring and you catch a decent fish, your lines probably going to snap. If you buy a cheap set of hooks and the distance is not correct for the lure, YOU WILL lose more takes than hit!! FACT!! (thats when you have a jig and your getting loads of takes and no hook ups)

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