Black minnow 40g 110mm Spinning Lure Combo Mint

Black minnow 40g 110mm Spinning Lure Combo Mint


Black minnow 40g 110mm weedless lure, perfect for spinning or bumping. This particular one is in the colour Mint, but we have many colours available here for you to purchase from. Each purchase comes with one jig head, two body’s and a hook. These Minnows were reviewed by the Solent Warrior which can be watched here.

Solent Warrior with the Black Minnows

Spinning / jig lure, perfect for mackerel and bass.
This is for the Mint 110mm 40g Black minnow spinning lure but other sizes and colours are available here


Black Minnow is a popular soft plastic lure used particularly for targeting sea bass and other saltwater species. It’s known for its realistic appearance and lifelike swimming action, which makes it highly effective in enticing strikes from predatory fish. The lure consists of a soft plastic body with a weighted jig head and weedless hook, giving it a natural swimming motion when retrieved through the water. Anglers often use it with a slow, steady retrieve or with a jigging action to mimic the movement of injured baitfish, which attracts the attention of hungry predators. Overall, the Black Minnow has gained a strong reputation among anglers for its performance and versatility in various fishing conditions.


Type: Black minnow 40g 110mm mint
Colour: mint
Weight: 40g
Length: 110mm
Hook type: weedless


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