Slow Jig Butterfly Lure Metal Jigging 150g SPJ Blue Sprat

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Slow Jig Butterfly Lure Metal Jigging 150g SPJ Blue Sprat


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This Slow Jig Butterfly Lure Metal Jigging 150g SPJ Blue Sprat, a slow flutter and a very successfully hook up rate, we went a bit over kill and put BKK hooks on these (got excited when buying them).
So there is absolutely no quality issue on these, and a very solid colour for bass and pollock. The butterfly jig is perfect for the slower drift. It requires a lot more subtle working of the rod, to return the results.

Unfortunately we didn’t buy enough of these when purchasing, and the trade have taken a lot of the stock…. So grab what you want while you can.

Please Note:

Brand: Rhino-Russ
Type: 150g Butterfly jig Blue Sprat
Weight: 150g piece
Length: 105mm
Available in: 4 different colours to suit all fishing conditions in other listings

This Jig is also available in 100g here

Slow Jig Butterfly Lure Metal Jigging 100g SPJ Blue Sprat


  1. Slow and Controlled Jigging: The key to SPJ is in the name—slow pitch jigging involves a deliberate and rhythmic jigging motion. Drop the jig to the desired depth, then lift the rod tip slowly to lift the jig several feet off the bottom. Let the jig flutter back down on a slack line, then repeat. The action should be smooth and steady, not jerky.
  2. Monitor Line Tension: Keep an eye on your line tension as you jig. You want to maintain contact with the jig at all times but avoid lifting it abruptly off the bottom.

Location and Conditions:

  1. Find Structure: Target underwater structures like reefs, wrecks, drop-offs, and pinnacles where fish congregate. Use a fish finder to locate baitfish and predators.
  2. Understand Currents: Pay attention to tidal currents and drift patterns. Position your boat up-current of the structure you’re targeting and present your jig down-current.


  1. Match the Hatch: Use jigs that resemble the local baitfish in size, shape, and color. Silver and gold are popular colors for SPJ jigs.
  2. Experiment with Colors: Depending on water clarity and light conditions, experiment with different jig colors to determine what triggers strikes.

Hook Setting and Fighting Fish:

  1. Set the Hook Properly: When you feel a strike, resist the urge to immediately set the hook with a hard jerk. Instead, reel down and lift the rod firmly to set the hook into the fish’s mouth.
  2. Play the Fish: Once hooked, maintain steady pressure on the fish using the rod and reel. Keep the rod tip up and allow the rod’s flex to absorb the fish’s runs.


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47 in stock

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