About Rhino-Russ.com, a brand of Moore Estates UK Limited.

Rhino-Russ is a brand for people who love the outdoors fishing, camping and of course Eriba Caravans.

Why Rhino-Russ? - well it is easy to remember for sure and will enable Russ Moore and Moore Estates UK Limited to continue to bring customers in the UK and Europe great products, shipped direct by Moore Estates UK from our own products and stocks.

Outdoors, fishing, camping, and the distinctive, beautifully functional caravans that Eriba fans love to use.

Rhino Russ is about brining you great products, fishing galore, and the specific products for a difficult to find and afford need.

Such as the Eriba compatible Door Shelves, he has had made and is selling from our UK stock right now. And also the brand for Chicken keepers, enabling them to have trouble free holidays using the automatic Chicken Doors he designed and continues to make for customers in the UK, Dawn til Dusk Doors.

Fishing is a big passion and joy for Russ, since he was very young, he was fishing for Bass and ever elusive Mullet round the secluded Nutbourne Bay on the South Coast. These were great family days out, Mum’s picnic and the joy all the family had catching fish together, enjoying the countryside and the sea. Precious times. We still have Dad’s fishing rods, and memories of night fishing camping near or on the beach.

A few pics here, and checkout the feedback on EBay too but you will always get slightly better prices here, because eBay commissions are a tad on the greedy side.

Rhino-Russ is here to share great products and an easy, resilient and trust worthy UK source at a brilliant 🤩 price we can all afford.

iIt will grow all the time, some new products added frequently. Eriba fans our door shelves really are winners , just take a look less than a third of the price offered by Eriba and great quality.

Fishing folk if you have not enjoyed a Jig you should so watch this site and subscribe. If you like what you see you buy direct from us here in the UK and share with your friends to spread the word, will be much appreciated.

Many products are free or modest postage.

Prices include UK Vat, unless otherwise stated. This is a new site in 2023 but with 40K feedback and decades of serving customers, Russ is always here and answering questions, sharing knowledge and finding new offers for all. Always UK stock shipped direct.

We look forward to seeing you soon.